The Imaginary Conservatory


Ensemble FICTA at Loushy Gallery, Tel Aviv, July 2021 photo credits: Amit Elkayam; Daniel Hanoch

The imaginary conservatory session I-IV: Unmastered-class with Alufon-Virginal is a durational performance for ensemble, custom made instrument and tape. Ensemble musicians are asked to perform on the Alufon-Virginal, a newly built instrument which they have not seen nor heard before. Tapping into their sonic sensibilities and intuitions, prior to the performance the musicians are given minimal instructions and are asked to record a sound-walk in a sonic environment they find interesting. Each individual gives a solo performance, using pre recorded field recordings of sound walks they have conducted themselves as auditory scores to which they react, and after they all play a tutti session, performing simultaneously on the instrument as an ensemble.


The Alufon-Virginal was developed and built together  with Ido Gordon.

Premiered by FICTA ensemble as part of Tzlil Meudcan Festival, July 2021.

Supported by the Israeli Lottery fund (Mifal Hapais) and Goethe Institute.

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