Lessons from the Spine: Atlas



'Lessons from the Spine’ is a series of musical vertebrae that offers a renewed alignment with established, yet altered instruments.

The spine is always at work but somehow is less addressed in our habitual life. However, the more attuned you become to it, the more you work and align with the forces which you and the world apply on each other, the greater the chances you will keep your spine flexible, open and happy. As the old yogi saying goes - ‘You are only as old as your spine’.

Atlas is the first vertebrae at the top of the neck and ‘Lessons from the Spine: Atlas’ sets to explore the relationship between a guitarist’s neck and the necks of his guitars. Two Electric-Guitars are laid horizontally as a symmetrical apparatus allowing the player to connect with the instrument they know so intimately in a completely new way. In a sequence where the player navigates along this strange terrain a hybrid instrument emerges, effortlessly carrying a sonic world.

Comissioned by Philharmonie Berlin
To be premiered by Yaron Deutsch
© 2021 Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari. All rights reserved