72 Prompts



How do we live together despite our differences? How do we come together and play as equals? 72 Prompts for ensemble Radar’s Rays of Disarray is an experiment in ensembling: the action of making an cohesive, idiosyncratic musical group. After the last seasons that were marked by chaos and isolation, it celebrates vibrantly the moment of coming together once again.

Sharing time and space, physically and mentally, the six instrumentalists of the ensemble form and deform musical textures by realising scored text prompts for an hour composed according to the spectrum of light. The prompts, developed in collaboration with human correspondents as well as artificial intelligence, test out modes of reading and interpreting instructions, alone and together. In addition, they are sometimes sung out as somatic suggestions of ways to experience the sights and sounds, inviting the audiance to partake in this happening by engaging all their senses.

As the musicians ensemble they cultivate relations among themselves and between them and a seventh, quieter member - Katrin Bethge the light artist who both interprets and facilitates the scored prompts on her light-projecting instruments.

Commissioned by Radar ensemble, with support from the Ersnt von Siemens foundation

Premiered on November 27th 2021 in the reform church of Lübeck

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